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The Public Annual Report of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom (hereinafter referred to as “ROSATOM” or “the Corporation”) for 2013 is the fifth report voluntarily published by the Corporation for a broad range of stakeholders.

The Report has been produced in an integrated format; it comprehensively describes ROSATOM’s strategy and main financial, economic, and production results for 2013 (including KPIs of the top management), as well as results in the field of nuclear and radiation safety and environmental protection, contributions to the development of host territories, implementation of the Corporation’s social policy, and other aspects of sustainable development.

The top management and representatives of stakeholders defined the priority topics of the Report as: “Management of ROSATOM’s Natural Capital as a Factor of Sustainable Development” and “ROSATOM’s Performance Efficiency in the Reporting Period”. Information on the selection of the substantial topics to be disclosed in the Report is given in the section titled “The Report content definition process”.

According to internal regulatory documents, ROSATOM employs an annual reporting cycle; the previous annual report was published in 2013. The Report reflects activities of the Corporation in the period from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013.

Standards and regulatory requirements

The Report was drafted in compliance with the requirements of the new international reporting standards issued in 2013: the International IR Framework and the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI, version G4). Substantial topics to be disclosed in the Report have been defined in accordance with these standards’ requirements (see Appendix 5).

While drafting the Report, the Corporation was also guided by the following regulations:

  • the Public Reporting Policy of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM,
  • the ROSATOM Standard of Annual Public Reporting,
  • standards of the АА1000 series of the Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability, and
  • recommendations of the RSPP to be followed in management practices and corporate non-financial reporting, including the calculation methodologies of performance indicators.

Stakeholder involvement

The drafting of the Report was carried out with the input of stakeholders as per the International Standard AA1000SES to enhance the transparency, accountability, and substantiality of the disclosed information. Four dialogues with stakeholders were held to discuss the Report concept. Two featured dialogues on the Report’s priority topics, as well as public consultations to discuss the draft Report. The Report takes into account all of the main recommendations given by the representatives of stakeholders during these dialogues (see Chapter 4).

Verification of the reported information

The credibility of the reported information is verified by statements produced by:

  • the Audit Commission of ROSATOM (see Appendix 2),
  • an independent audit organisation that confirmed the credibility of the annual financial statements, and
  • an independent audit organisation that confirmed the credibility of the non-financial statements as per the standards GRI G4 (“Core”), ISAE 3000 and AA1000AS (see Appendix 4).

ROSATOM’s Department for Internal Audit and Control conducted an internal audit of the compliance of the public reporting processes with ROSATOM’s Public Reporting Policy and local regulations regarding public reporting (see Appendix 3).

Representatives of key stakeholders conducted a public assurance of the Report as per Standard АА1000SES. This confirmed its substantiality and the completeness of the disclosed information as well as the Corporation’s response to requests from the stakeholders in the course of the Report’s drafting. Please refer to page 151 for the Public Assurance Statement.

The Report’s boundaries

The Report’s scope encompasses the activities of ROSATOM and its entities in the Russian Federation and other countries. Information on the current activities of the nuclear weapons complex is not fully disclosed because state secrets and features of ROSATOM’s activities must be kept secure.

The Report utilises several perimeters of consolidation. In all sections of the Report, the integral performance indicators, as well as the financial and economic indicator EBITDA, are disclosed for the Corporation’s entities as per the parameter of budget consolidation as of 31 December 2013, except for those entities for which reporting is classified. In all sections of the Report, the financial and economic performance indicators are brought in line with the parameters of the IFRS consolidated financial reporting of ROSATOM. The financial and economic performance indicators in the section “Financial and economic results” are brought in line with the parameters of the IFRS consolidated financial reporting of JSC Atomenergoprom (the IFRS summarised consolidated financial reporting and statements from independent auditors are given in the report of JSC Atomenergoprom).

Forward-looking statement disclaimer

The Report contains information on the mid- and longterm plans and intentions of the Corporation. The plans are of a forward-looking nature and their feasibility depends, among other things, on a number of economic, political, and legal factors beyond the Corporation’s control (the global financial, economic, and political situation; the situation in the key markets; changes in taxation, customs, and environmental laws). Hence, actual performance indicators in the future can differ from the forward-looking statements published in the Report.

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