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Address from Boris Gryzlov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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Boris Gryzlov
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Public Report of ROSATOM for 2013. Over the recent five years the Corporation has voluntarily prepared the annual public reports in the integrated format, which allows comprehensively describing its activity results and plans for the future.

All main indicators of the Corporation activities established by the Supervisory Board for the reporting period have been successfully achieved. Many indicators have been exceeded.

One of ROSATOM’s activity areas is implementation of the state functions in the field of the use of atomic energy. So in 2013 the Corporation 100 % met all targets set y the state. Implementation of the State Programme for Development of the Nuclear Power and Industry Complex in 2012–2013 contributed greatly to achievement of the indicators set forth in the Decrees of the President of Russia of May 7, 2012. In the reporting year, 6,218 new jobs were created in the nuclear industry, up 8 % from the preceding year. A share of the innovative products and services in the proceeds was 13 %, up 1.3 times from 2012.

In 2013 the Corporation continued expanding its presence in the international markets of nuclear technology and services. A number of cooperation agreements were signed in the framework of fulfilment of the obligations on construction of nuclear power plants, i.e. a package of agreements on construction of Hanhikivi NPP (Finland) between ROSATOM and the Finnish company Fennovoima Oy; the technical contract between Russia and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh concerning construction of Ruppur NPP. The first power was attained at Unit 1 of Kudankulam NPP (India), Bushehr NPP was handed over to Iran for operation. ROSATOM won the tender for construction of a NPP in Jordan. In June 2013 in St. Petersburg an international conference of the IAEA “Nuclear Power in the 21st Century” and the international forum ATOMEXPO-2013 were held, which became milestone events for the entire international nuclear community.

Last year Russia was preparing for the Olympics in Sochi and ROSATOM took part in organization of this most important event in the country’s life. The special interagency operations headquarters, which included representatives of ROSATOM, was responsible for safety and security of the XXII Winter Olympics and XI Winter Paralympic Games. Nuclear workers also supported the Olympic Torch Relay, i.e. the nuclear icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy delivered the torch to the North Pole.

The Corporation will continue strengthening its positions in the Russian and global markets. Our plans for the coming decade focus on achieving the global technological leadership, development of new products and services, raising a share of foreign assets up to 25 %, bringing a number of power units being constructed in parallel up to 30, raising proceeds by 3-5 times, and further increasing labour efficiency.

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