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Address from Sergey Kirienko, CEO of ROSATOM

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Sergey Kirienko

Dear colleagues and partners,

Last year, we achieved sizeable results in all the Corporation’s areas of activity. Uranium mining significantly grew compared to 2012 (from 7,600 up to 8,300 tons), as did the 10-year order portfolio (from US$ 66.5 up to US$ 72.7 billion). Consolidated labour efficiency in the civil sector of the industry increased by increased by 28,5 % as compared to 2011.

The restoration of lifetime performance to the RBMK-1000 reactor graphite stacks was the most important outcome of 2013. The repair was successfully completed at Unit 1 of the Leningrad NPP, and now this technology will be copied to repair the RBMK reactors of other plants, i.e. the Kursk and Smolensk NPPs. This will extend the service lives of uranium-graphite RBMKs until replacement capacities are in place.

In spite of the objective difficulties caused by the downtime of the RBMK reactors because of the repairs, the Corporation managed to meet the targets set forth by the FST: In 2013, the amount of generated electricity was 172.2 billion kWh. As in preceding years, there were no operational events rated at Level 2 on the International Scale INES at the Russian NPPs.

In 2013, the last stage of the 20-year Russia-U.S. cooperation agreement under the HEU-LEU Programme was successfully completed. The programme converted Russian weapons-grade uranium into fuel for nuclear power plants in the U.S. Under this contract, Russia’s cumulative revenues amounted to US$ 17 billion.

In 2013, preparations for the first criticality of the BN-800 reactor at Beloyarsk NPP began, design and survey work commenced on the construction site of Smolensk NPP-2, and the keel of the pilot universal nuclear-powered icebreaker of the new generation was laid at Baltijskiy Zavod.

In the reporting year, important corporate reforms were implemented. ROSATOM’s uranium mining assets were restructured to establish the holding Uranium One Holding N.V., which now consolidates the overseas nuclear fuel cycle frontend assets of the Corporation, while JSC Atomredmetzoloto is now developing all uranium assets within Russia.

Environmental protection is one of our priorities. In Russia and in ROSATOM, 2013 was announced as the Environmental Protection Year. So more than 1,000 issue-related projects were implemented in the nuclear industry. The Corporation’s total environmental protection spending grew by nearly one fourth, from RUB 15.7 billion in 2012 up to RUB 19.6 billion in 2013.

I would like to thank all employees of ROSATOM for the high quality of their work and professionalism, which have helped us achieve such excellent results, and to wish them success in the implementation of our common plans for the future.

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