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Key results

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Main indicators of ROSATOM’s operation, as set forth by the Supervisory Board

Electricity generation at NPPs
(billion kWh)

10-year overseas order
portfolio (exclusive of
the HEU Contract)
(US$ bln)

Uranium production
(thousand t**)

Governmental order performance
index as a percentage

JSC Rosenergoatom Concern’s
investment programme
performance index as a percentage

Percent increment of
consolidated labour efficiency
(in current prices)
compared to 2011 level
(excludes NWC)

Number of events rated
above Level 2 on the
INES scale

Percent cost reduction
in procurement of products
(works, services)

Main production and financial results and sustainability performance outcomes

Number of reactors under construction in Russia Number of reactors under construction abroad

Percentage of specialists
under 35, %

Net assets, as per IFRS
(billion RUB)

Intangible assets, as per IFRS
(billion RUB)

Uranium feedstock (Russian assets)
(thousand t***)

Taxes paid by ROSATOM
and its entities to budgets
of different tiers
(billion RUB)

(billion RUB)****

Total spending and
investments in
environmental protection
(billion RUB)

Average salary of nuclear
sector employees
(thousand RUB/month)

Percentage energy saving
in comparable conditions,
in monetary terms
to reference 2009

Governmental defence
order performance

* Indicators in the column “2013/2012 (%)” were calculated with the 2012 data taken to equal 100%.
** The indicator was calculated with information taken from the off-take contract data.
*** In the lower line, the figures with a “+”show the uranium feedstock of Uranium One Inc. Due to the change in calculation methodology in 2012, the data are given separately for the Russian assets and Uranium One Inc.’s feedstock. The 2011 data are presented for the Russian assets only.
**** The data are consolidated as per Russian Accounting Standards (RAS).

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