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ROSATOM is one of the largest utilities in Russia and one of the leading companies in the global nuclear technology market. It is first in the world in terms of the number of NPPs being built concurrently across the world; second in the world in terms of uranium reserves; third in terms of uranium mining; and second in terms of installed capacity among nuclear utilities, providing about one third of the uranium enrichment requirements of Western-design reactors and meeting 17 % of the demands of the nuclear fuel market.

Table. Organisational structure and key activity areas of ROSATOM

Nuclear Weapons Complex
Nuclear Weapons Complex Directorate
Support of Russia’s nuclear deterrence policy and strategic presence in the Arctic
Performance of the government defence order
Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet
FSUE Atomflot
Navigation via the Northern Sea Route in Arctic
Emergency rescue operations on the ice
Nuclear Power Complex
Mining Division
Management company:
JSC Atomredmetzoloto
Business segment:
Uranium One Holding*
Uranium exploration, mining, and processing
  Fuel Division
Management company:
Uranium conversion and enrichment
Fabrication and sale of nuclear fuel and its components for power and research reactors in Russia and abroad
  Sales and Trading Division
Management company:
JSC Techsnabexport
Export of uranium enrichment services and enriched uranium products to the Western-design reactor market
  Machine Engineering Division
Management company:
JSC Atomenergomash
Manufacture of equipment for building NPPs and other facilities, including for allied industries
  Power Generation Division
Management company:
JSC Rosenergoatom Concern
Power generation at NPPs
  Overseas Construction
Management company:
Construction of NPPs abroad
  Construction in Russia - Engineering
Management company:
JSC Atomenergoproekt
Design and management of construction of NPPs and other facilities
Lifecycle Back-end Division Safe operation of nuclear power facilities and other facilities that potentially pose nuclear and radiation hazards
Implementation of national policy in the field of RAW, SNF, and nuclear decommissioning
Doing away with "nuclear legacy" problems from the past economic and defence activities of the nuclear industry
Management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel and decommissioning of nuclear- and radiation-hazardous facilities
Corporate Development and International Business (including radiation technology development)
Management company:
JSC Rusatom Overseas
Promotion of Russian nuclear technology in global markets
Innovations Management
Management company:
JSC Science and Innovations
Fundamental and applied research
Scientific and engineering support for the nuclear power and industry development programme
Innovative developments, including in other industries
Advanced Materials
Management company:
JSC SPC Khimpromengineering
Development of innovative projects in the field production of chemical fibres and carbon-based composite materials
* Since 2013 JSC Atomredmetzoloto has been the management company of the Russian uranium mining assets of the Corporation, while Uranium One Holding has managed the overseas ones.

The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom was established on 18 December 2007. ROSATOM's status, establishment, activity goals, functions, and authority are stipulated in Federal Law No. 317-FZ of 1 December 2007 "On the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom".

The Corporation is authorised on behalf of the Russian Federation to fulfil the international obligations of Russia in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy and the observance of nuclear weapons a non-proliferation regime. ROSATOM is responsible for the implementation of national policy in the use of atomic energy and is a global company that owns assets in all stages of the nuclear power and industry production chain, including: uranium exploration and production, the generation of heat and electricity, uranium conversion and enrichment, the fabrication of nuclear fuel through the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and the management of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive waste (RAW).

As of 31 December 2013, ROSATOM has incorporated more than 360 different corporate entities. A list of the organisations and enterprises is given on the Corporation's website.

The full name of the Corporation in Russian is

Государственная корпорация по атомной энергии «Росатом».

The short name in Russian is

Госкорпорация «Росатом».

The full name of the Corporation in English is

State Atomic Energy Corporation «Rosatom».

The short name in English is


The Corporation's headquarters is:

24 Bolshaya Ordynka St., Moscow, Russian Federation.

The auditor of the consolidated financial reports of the Corporation for 2013 is

Nexia Pacioli LLC.

The auditor of the sustainability information disclosed on the Corporation's 2013 Report is


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