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Financial and economic results

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Victoriya Andriyenko
Chief Accountant

In the reporting year, we continued applying approaches of the ROSATOM Production System (RPS) to accounting processes. So, by excluding cash payments to employees, we managed not only to reduce the working hours of office processes but also to gain an actual reduction of expenditures in monetary terms. In the course of implementing this project, we actively used developments gained through the implementation of the ERP systems.

In 2014, we intend to actively involve the accounting units of the sectoral enterprises in RPS projects, including learning from the best practices of Russian companies that employ the principles of lean production in accounting processes. The plan is to restructure the function of accounting and its allied processes, optimise document turnover, and level information flows in the framework of accounting and its allied functions, while seeking loss reduction and increased efficiency. This “internal revolution” has to be carried out without loss of quality and the failure to meet due dates for the preparation of our core product, i.e. financial reporting. I think that the existing experience, skills, and motivation of the employees will allow us to complete this task efficiently as well.

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