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Strengthening the innovative potential of the further development of Russian nuclear technologies and the broadening of their application

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Vyacheslav Pershukov
Deputy CEO for Innovation Management

– ROSATOM pays great attention to the applicability of science, its results orientation and subsequent commercialisation of developments. What mechanisms are used to address this task?

– We have developed a system of identification and commercialisation of scientific developments, both already in hand and newly created. All requests for research are subject to an assessment using a special methodology and are defended by topical R&D plans or innovative development plans for each enterprise. Priority is given to works that have customers and whose implementation will raise the efficiency of existing facilities and have a high market potential, the ones that allow setting up of technological startups with the use of licensing agreement tools. For the latter, protection of the results of intellectual activity by patents or know-how is provided.

– How effective do you think was the innovative activity of ROSATOM in 2013?

– The programme of innovative development and technological modernisation of ROSATOM includes infrastructural projects, modernisation of existing technologies and development of new technologies for power generation and non-energy markets. Over the past two years, the programme has been at the top of Russian ratings of innovations. All planned works were completed: the programme for development of nuclear medicine equipment production was fulfilled, production of the most demanded isotope – Mo-99 – was launched and its sales started, the programme in support of the fusion reactor project was completed, and there are serious successes in the development of the technologies for the new nuclear power platform.

– ROSATOM implemented the ambitious project “Breakthrough,” aimed at closing the nuclear fuel cycle. What are its results and what is to be done in the coming years?

– The “Breakthrough” project is the transition from a demonstration of separate innovative technologies to the integrated worldclass solution, i.e. a pilot demonstration facility that includes the on-site nuclear fuel cycle. There are no comparable facilities in the world. The project involves 30 organisations, of which 19 are scientific and educational entities, and the total number of engaged scientists exceeds 1,500.

The 2013 results are the justification of nuclear and radiation safety, development of the lead-based test rig to test reactor components and the first series of experiments with nitride uranium-plutonium fuel at the test rigs. Fuel rods with nitride fuel were put in the power reactor for tests for first time in the world. In the framework of the project “Ultimate disposal of RAW,” new data were obtained to justify the selection of matrix glass- and mineral-like materials, and the first test results allowed moving on to their fabrication technology development. I think the most special success of the past year was the completion of the design of the first phase of the demonstration facility, i.e. the module for fabrication and successful review of this documentation by Glavgosekspertiza of Russia. We have started building this facility in the Tomsk Region on the territory of JSC SCC. In 2014, we plan to complete designing the BREST reactor and starting its pre-construction work.

It is construction of such complex scientific facilities that constitutes the major challenge for the “Breakthrough” project team.

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