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Public Reporting System of the Corporation and its organisations

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Approach to corporate reporting

The increased responsibility of major companies towards a broad range of stakeholders is internationally recognised as an important factor of global market development. Transparency and accountability of companies are integral to the implementation of the sustainable development principles by such companies. The orientation of ROSATOM at the establishment of a company to become a key player in the world market of nuclear technologies and services required the formation of an industry-generic public reporting system based on international corporate reporting standards. Such a system has been developed within the Corporation since 2009.

Public Reporting Committee

2013 results:

  • concepts and drafts of reports by the Corporation and its organisation were reviewed,
  • a bylaw of the Public Reporting Contest of ROSATOM’s organisations was actualised, and
  • the report preparation deadlines were brought forward.

In the meantime, a methodology has been developed and is being introduced for preparing reports that integrate financial and non-financial reports, and taking into account Russian and international reporting standards. The selection of such an integrated format of reporting has been caused by the desire to comply with the best international practices of corporate reporting, as well as to strengthen stakeholder confidence in the operations of the Corporation and its organisations, while providing complete information on their activities. Integrated reports give a clearer notion of the dependencies between the financial and non-financial aspects of a company’s activities, which makes it possible for the management to set priorities in a more efficient manner, while combining business tasks and social needs and, sequentially, to make more grounded managerial decisions, which, in turn, contributes to reduced risks and better investment attractiveness. The key body responsible for the control of ROSATOM’s reporting quality is the Public Reporting Committee.

Three reports are issued annually by ROSATOM. As required by the amendments made to the Federal Law “On State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” (dated 01.12.2007, No. 317-FZ), since 2011, the report to the Russian Federation Government has had its public portion published. Since 2010, the Corporation has been preparing, on a voluntarily basis, the integrated report intended for the stakeholder community and made out with regard for Russian and international corporate reporting standards. Since 2002, the safety report has been issued by ROSATOM jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for the Problems of the Safe Development of Nuclear Power.

All joint-stock companies affiliated with the Corporation issue annual reports on their respective activities. The key organisations (for the purpose of public reporting) in the form of joint-stock companies prepare integrated reports based on corporate reporting requirements. The Corporation’s organisations and enterprises listed as environmentally significant issue environmental reports (55 environmental reports were prepared in 2013). All reports are posted on the websites of the organisations.

Fig. Reports of ROSATOM and its organisations

Issue of public reports by the Corporation and its key organisations

In 2013, the quality of reporting information disclosure, including compliance with the GRI Guidelines, Version G3.1, and of stakeholder engagement was greatly improved.

Table. Dynamics of the public report issuing by ROSATOM and its key organisations

  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Number of integrated reports 8, of which
2 are of level C
of which 2 are
of level С, and
2 are of level С+
of which 8 are of
level B+
of which 2 are
of level А+, 9 of
level B+, 2 of
level C+, and 5
of level C
of which 6 are
of level А +, 7
of level B+, 2
of level В, 1 of
level C+, and 1
of level C
Number of publicly assured reports - 3 8 19 19
Number of reports in English 1 4 9 9 11
Number of dialogues with stakeholders in the report preparation period - 8 33 70 75
Number of interactive (electronic) reports - - 4 9 13
* The G3.1 version of the GRI Sustainablility Reporting Guidelines establishes three compliance levels (A, B, C) which reflect the sustanability of information quality and the extent to which information is disclosed in the report. The mark + means that there is an independent external assurance of the non-financial indformation dislosed in the report.

Industry public reporting contest of ROSATOM’s organisations

The fifth industry public reporting contest was held in the autumn of 2013. The contest winners, JSC NIAEP and OKBM Afrikantov, scored 84.3 points each. The annual report of ROSATOM did not take part in the contest, but received a score of 84.9 points from the judges.

Fig. Rating of 2012 annual reports

The improvement in the quality of reporting by the Corporation and its organisations was marked by a number of awards at national annual report contests (altogether, there have been 37 national awards won since the the public reporting project started, of which 8 were in 2013). Also, the first three awards were won in international contests of reports in the reporting year.

Table. Results of 2013 national annual report contests

Contest Winner Category
Expert-RA rating agency 15th annual federal contest of annual reports ROSATOM The Best Non-financial Sector Report (nominee’s diploma)
JSC TVEL Contribution to the Development of Mutual Relations with Stakeholders (winner)
JSC ARMZ Innovative Approach to the Integrated Reporting Formation (winner)
JSC Atomenergomash Contribution to the Development of Reporting in a Machine Engineering Company (winner)
JSC SPbAEP Strategic Orientation of the Annual Report (nominee’s diploma)

Rynok tsennykh bumag journal, INVESTOR. RU social network, Federal Financial Markets Service

16th annual federal contest of annual reports and websites

ROSATOM The Best Annual State Corporation Report (winner)
JSC Techsnabexport The Best Annual Report Design, Printing Quality and Idea (2nd place)

MMVB-RTS Moscow exchange

16th annual federal contest of annual reports and websites

JSC TVEL The Best Annual Report Design and Printing Quality
MarCom Awards 2013 JSC Rosenergoatom Concern Annual Report/Corporation – Platinum winner
JSC NIAEP Photography/Annual Report – Platinum winner
JSC NIAEP Annual Report/Corporation – Platinum winner

Plans for 2014


  • participation in the Pilot Programme of the International Integrated Reporting Council, as well as in the activities of the Russian Regional Integrated Reporting Network;
  • participation in the official translation of the International Integrated Reporting Standard into Russian;
  • adaptation of the International Integrated Reporting Standard and GRI (G4) Guidelines requirements.


  • actualisation of the regulatory and procedural framework with regard for new international standards;
  • actualisation of the Public Reporting Disclosures System;
  • institutionalisation of public reporting institutions;
  • reporting quality control (expert reviews of concepts and draft reports);
  • currently – instructional support for the key organisations (guidance materials, workshops and others).

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