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Taking into account stakeholder proposals

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As part of the dialogues during the report preparation, 70 proposals were brought forward. Most of these concerned the request for any information to be published. As part of the dialogues, for some requests, references were made to the existing sources of information.

Special activities were undertaken by ROSATOM on the recommendations received on the draft report (concerning the information structure, content and representation) and to improve the Public Reporting System. As the result, 48 proposals were taken into account in full or in part (68.6 %), 8 proposals were not taken into account (11.4 %), and 14 more proposals (20 %) will be taken into account or reviewed in the preparation of the 2014 report.

Table. Taking into account the most significant stakeholder proposals

Stakeholder proposals Consideration of proposals
To disclose in the report the interactions of ROSATOM with international organisations in nuclear and radiation safety issues, in particular with WANO and IAEA. Taken into account in the sections “International cooperation” and “Power Generation Division”.
To disclose in the Corporation’s 2013 public report, on the model of the 2011 report, an information block on ROSATOM’s interactions with the veteran community Taken into account in the section “Remuneration system and social policy”.
To disclose in the report the new functions of the Public Board. Taken into account in the section “Stakeholder involvement”.
To disclose in the report information on ROSATOM”S activities in the framework of the Environmental Protection Year. Taken into account in the section “Environmental Protection Year at ROSATOM”.
To disclose in the report information on the subsoil condition monitoring. Taken into account in the section “On-site Monitoring of Subsoil Condition”.
To disclose the dynamics of the energy saving programme’s introduction effects. Taken into account in the section “Improvement of energy efficiency” and in sections on the operations of divisions.
To disclose in the report information on a number of successful employees who implemented efficiency improvement projects in the reporting year. Taken into account in the section “ROSATOM Production System”.
To include in the report, in the form of an insert, a table or an executive summary, all results of transparency enhancement activities (to list all major fields of these activities with references made to more detailed information). Taken into account.
To identify individual areas in the list of key events. Taken into account.
To disclose in the report the layout of all major reports prepared by ROSATOM and its organisations. In the electronic version, this layout shall be provided with clickable links. Taken into account in the section “Public Reporting System of the Corporation and its organisations”.
To disclose information on how superior management bodies take part in addressing sustainable development issues. The Report contains information on the participation of the Corporation’s governance boards in addressing sustainable development issues (Public Board, Activity Transparency Enhancement Committee, Public Reporting Committee and others).

Table. ROSATOM’s obligations for taking into account proposals

Stakeholder proposals Obligations of the Corporation
To disclose ROSATOM”S performance indicators as compared to leading international competitors. The proposal will be reviewed during the conceptualisation of the 2014 report.
To include the veteran community in the draft report assessment activities. The proposal will be reviewed by ROSATOM’s Public Reporting Committee.
To disclose in the report the approach concerning the precedence of production waste processing over waste disposal. The proposal will be discussed during the conceptualisation of the 2014 report.
To disclose in the report the comparison of the RPS and the production systems of other companies. The proposal will be reviewed during the conceptualisation of the 2014 report.
To describe in the report, in one and the same manner, the business models, goals and results for divisions. The proposal will be taken into account in the preparation of the 2015 reporting campaign.
To disclose, for each division, the implementation efficiency indicator of investment projects and the effects thereof on the business models of the divisions. The proposal will be reviewed during the conceptualisation of the 2014 report.
To give attention, when preparing the report, to the power industry evolution forecast in the report of British Petroleum (as the best practice model). The report of British Petroleum will be analysed.
To include in the report a check list as to the fulfilment by the Corporation of the requirements in the newly worded Corporate Conduct Code. The proposal will be reviewed during the conceptualisation of the 2014 report.

Kirill Komarov, Deputy CEO for Corporate Development and International Business, and Roman Zimonas, Director for Procurement

Stakeholder quotations

Aleksandr Makarenko
Executive Director, Nuclear Industry CATF Association

– I would like to note that the reporting activities within ROSATOM are becoming growingly transparent and streamlined from year to year. I am satisfied with the way we have interacted with those who prepare the Report, and we can hear and understand each other.
The preparation of the public report shall aim at demonstrating to the public at large that ROSATOM is not only useful to the state (contributing a great deal to the development of the country’s economy, energy balance and so on), but also provides much benefit to particular people.

Aleksandr Ageev
Director General, Institute of Economic Strategies, Russian Academy of Sciences’ Social Sciences Branch

– In my opinion, everything that has been done by ROSATOM in the field of public reporting deserves much more attention and recognition, both domestic and foreign, since the level of the nuclear industry’s accountability and openness is a tremendous accomplishment both for the country and for the world.
The new reporting philosophy is concerned with the fact that the stakeholders need brief and highly informative materials. Possibly, it makes sense to issue a super-brief version of the report (in 10 to 15 pages) with answers given to the three questions: “What did we achieve in the reporting year? What did we fail to achieve?” and “What do we plan to achieve next year?” It would be frank and outright.

Vladimir Potsyapun
Chairman, Subcommittee for the Legislative Support of the Use of Atomic Energy, Russian Federation State Duma

– In my opinion, an important step in the evolution of reporting at ROSATOM is the trend towards increased availability of reporting information, including understandability of the wording, to the wide audience. The Report is expected to explain things in such a way that it could be understood what ROSATOM has done for the country and the people by the non-expert community as well.
I believe that the usefulness of the Report needs to be assessed: to what extent it has been used by the addressees, how the last year’s report was accepted by society, and how it is assessed. And, based on such assessment, the concept of the next report shall be modernised. It is possible to make the report better only if it is understood how those for whom it is intended respond to it. Such analysis is a complex research task but I think ROSATOM will be able to accomplish it.

Sergey Baranovskiy
President, Green Cross Interregional Environmental Public Organisation

– Thanks to reports, a mechanism is created that demonstrates to the civil society the unique openness of ROSATOM few people would expect. This gives ROSATOM tremendous advantages in its continued dialogue with civil society.
It needs to be baldly said that civil society has never been at 100% in favour of nuclear industry and this is quite natural. Even in developed countries, such as Japan or France, there is a strong opposition to nuclear power. Foreign colleagues face it every day. But it is exactly the openness of ROSATOM and the professionalism with which the annual report is prepared that change social consciousness for the better, making it possible for people to understand what is and will be going on in nuclear power.

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