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Report public assurance statement

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Introductory information

The State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” proposed us to assess its Public Report for 2013 (hereinafter referred to as “the Report”). For this purpose we and our representatives were given an opportunity of taking part in the public consultations on the Report, which were held on 11.06.2014, as well as in the dialogues with the stakeholders (19.12.2013: the dialogue “Discussion of ROSATOM’s draft 2013 public report concept”; 13.03.2014: the dialogue “Disclosure of information about management of the natural capital as a factor of sustainable development in the Public Annual Report for 2013”; 19.03.2014: the dialogue “Disclosure of information about efficiency of ROSATOM’s activities in the Public Annual Report for 2013”).

In the course of this public assurance exercise, the subject matter of the analysis and assessment was the materiality and completeness of the information being disclosed therein, as well as the response of the Corporation to comments and proposals of the stakeholders. Our statement is based on the comparative analysis of two revisions of the Report (the draft Report for the public consultations and the final revision of the Report) and the materials reflecting on the held dialogues we were provided (records of the events, tables of accounting of the stakeholders’ proposals), as well as comments received from the top management and employees of ROSATOM during the Report public assurance exercise.

Credibility of the factual data provided in the Report is not a subject matter of the public assurance.

We have not received any reward for participation in the public assurance procedure from the Corporation.

Assessments, comments and recommendations

We are unanimous in our positive attitude to the Report, i.e. its format and scope of the information provided. Like previous published reports, the 2013 Report demonstrates a larger number of the international requirements it meets. In our view, this is evidence of a consistent approach to improvement of the level of transparency and accountability on the part of ROSATOM. In the course of the Report drafting process the Corporation demonstrated strive for ensuring public acceptance of the nuclear technology development as well as readiness for an open dialogue with the stakeholders on various aspects of its activities.

In our view, the integrated format of the Report allowed to comprehensively disclose information about all main activity aspects of the Corporation, including those related to the sustainable development of business. The Report was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the standards of the International <IR> Framework published in 2013. In our view this played a substantial part in improving quality, consistency and completeness of the provided information. The Report reflects in detail the complex and multi-stage value chain, the Corporation’s governance system, strategic goals and approaches of the management, indicators of the social, environmental and economic influence, as well as other topics that allow concluding on results of the Corporation’s activities in the reporting period.

It should be especially noted that for the first time the Corporation’s report has been produced at in accordance level “Core” of the new version of the Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (G4), published in May 2013 and the International <IR> Framework standard published in December 2013. This fact allows speaking about the Corporation as one of the leaders of the corporate reporting among the Russian companies.

We are not aware of any facts, which put under doubt the truthfulness of the information provided in the Report. Noting the Report merits, we draw attention of the Corporation to a number of aspects of materiality and completeness of the information disclosure (please, see herein below) that are material for the stakeholders and recommend taking account of these in the next reporting cycles.

Materiality of the information

To ensure most complete accounting of requests from the stakeholders, ROSATOM, for the first time in the framework of the dialogue on discussion of the Report draft concept, held a questionnaire of the stakeholders’ representatives to identify material aspects of the activity to be reflected in the Report (the received data were compared to questionnaires of top management of the Corporation). We highly appraise this initiative and recommend having the closest cooperation on this issue with representatives of stakeholders as reference representatives of target audiences of the Corporation’s public reports in future.

Completeness of the information

We are encouraged by the continuing decrease in the Report volume (as compared to previous reports) owing to highlighting most material information, publication of part of the information as an electronic (interactive) version of the Report, and provision of references to other sources of the corporate information. With this, the Report has retained all necessary completeness of material information and has become more convenient for readers.

Response of the Corporation to comments and proposals of the stakeholders

ROSATOM responded to proposals of the stakeholders by updating and providing additional information (or sound grounds on which the requested information can not be disclosed) upon the recommendation of the stakeholders’ representatives in the final revision of the Report.

Besides, the Corporation has expressed its readiness to consider proposals on disclosing certain information in the next reporting period and on improving the public reporting system, in particular:

  • on a uniform description of all business models, goals and activity results of all divisions of ROSATOM;
  • on introduction of a check list of how the requirements of the Corporate Governance Code are met by the Corporation in the report.

It should be highlighted that ROSATOM has done a great job to take account of comments given in regard to the report for 2012. The report on meeting the commitments is given in Chapter 4 “Stakeholder input in the Report’s preparation”.

Summing up, we note that over the five recent years the Corporation has achieved significant results in public reporting and continues raising the level of its transparency of and confidence in its activities. We hope that in future ROSATOM will consistently implement the principles of responsible corporate conduct in its activity through the development of the public reporting system and interaction with the stakeholders.

Sergey Baranovsky
President of the Green Cross Interregional Environmental Public Organisation
Leonid Bolshov
Director of Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Nikolay Kosarev
Member of the Economic Policy Committee of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Ognev
Chairman of the Interregional Non-governmental Movement of Nuclear Power and Industry Veterans
Vladimir Potsyapun
Chairman of the Subcommittee for the Legislative Support of the Use of Atomic Energy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
Sergey Simak
Chairman of the Central Board of the Interregional Socio-Environmental Non-government Organization “Green Union”
Vladimir Uiba
Head of the Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia
Elena Feoktistova
Head of the Centre of Corporate Social Responsibility and Non-financial Reporting of RSPP
Igor Fomichev
Chairman of the Russian Trade Union of Nuclear Power and Industry

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