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* Based on data of polls conducted by the Levada Analytical Centre. For details, see Section 3.6.”Management of social and reputational capital”.

The capital of ROSATOM is one of the key elements of the business model (see Section “Business Model”). They change (increase, decrease, transform etc.) in the course of commercial and other activities to lead to creation of value in the mid and long term.

The Corporation understands that capital is a certain resource (reserve) of tangible and intangible assets it uses in its activities. The Corporation admits that part of the capital available to it is in joint ownership with other stakeholders (for instance, natural resources or public infrastructure); therefore, it employs a responsible approach to handling it. A set of measures to minimise the possibility of negative impact is continuously implemented.

ROSATOM distinguishes six types of capital in use: financial, production, human, intellectual, social and reputational, and natural.

An integral increment or decrease in capital leads to a growth or drop in the value being created by ROSATOM; therefore, the Corporation pays great attention to the management and raising the efficiency of the use of the capital available to it.

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