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Nuclear fuel fabrication market

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In 2013, the capacity of the global nuclear fuel market was about 11,000 tons of heavy metal (tHM), of which about 8,000 tHM was fuel requiring uranium enrichment (where ~1,000 tHM was fuel for VVER reactors) and 3,000 tHM was fuel for heavy water reactors. As the reactor fleet grows, fabrication service needs could increase to 13,000 tHM and to 15,000 tHM by 2020.

The global suppliers of fabrication services include: Westinghouse/Toshiba, AREVA, ROSATOM, and Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF).

Westingthouse makes nuclear fuel for nearly all types of light-water reactors (LWRs): PWRs, and BWRs, as well as for VVERs. Its main sales markets are in the U.S. and Western Europe.

Global Nuclear Fuel is a joint venture between GE, Hitachi, and Toshiba that covers 17% of the market. GNF incorporated two production sites: GNF-J (to operate in the Japanese market) and GNF-A (to cover other markets). The company fabricates fuel for BWRs only.

For more details, see the Report section “International business and JSC TVEL’s report for 2013.

Fig. Nuclear fuel fabrication vendors by percentage in 2013

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