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Power machine engineering market

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At the present time, the global machine engineering market is estimated at approximately US$ 98 billion a year, of which 61% is equipment for thermal power, 27% is equipment for the oil and gas industry, and 13% is equipment for nuclear power. By 2030, the market capacity could be over US$ 145 billion a year.

In 2013, most of investments in equipment for new plants were made in thermal power. In the future, up until 2030, shares of investments in nuclear, thermal, and oil and gas are expected to level off.

AREVA has commissioned, and is expanding the capacity of, its Georges Besse II (GBII) plant, which uses gas centrifuge technology; the plant’s capacity will be 7.5 million SWUs a year by the end of 2016.

In June 2013, USEC Inc. shut down its uranium enrichment plant, which had an installed capacity of 8 million SWUs a year. The company plans to build a gaseous diffusion plant in the U.S.—the American Centrifuge Plant (АСР)—capable of providing 3.8 million SWUs a year (as of the 2013 year end, the project is in the R&D stage).

Russian machine engineering trends

In the coming years, the Russian machine engineering market will be in line with global trends, and the nuclear machine engineering market will take first place going forward to 2020. In 2013, the Russian power machine engineering market was estimated at US$ 9.4 billion a year, of which 54% was for thermal power equipment, 33% was for oil and gas equipment, and 13% was for nuclear power equipment. By 2030, the market could grow to US$ 14.9 billion.

In Russia, the growth of the power engineering market is associated with plans for new nuclear builds as per the General Scheme of Deployment of the Electricity Generation Facilities for 2020 and 2030, as well as the Roadmap of Building Nuclear Power Plants, which is being developed by ROSATOM. Also, in 2013, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation approved the scheme and programme of development of the United Power System of Russia in 2013–2019.

For details, see the Report section “Machine Engineering Division and JSC Atomenergomash’s report for 2013.

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