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Electricity and power market

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The WNA (World Nuclear Association) data show that in 2013, nuclear power’s share of the world’s power supply was about 6%. As of 31 December 2013, there were 437 power reactors in operation with a total power capacity of 373.3 GW (excluding the temporary shutdown of the Japanese reactors) and 72 reactors under construction.

Fig. Leading countries in terms of nuclear reactors under construction in 2013

In the reporting year, work began on the construction of ten new reactors: four in the U.S., three in China, and one each in South Korea, Belarus, and the UAE. In the reporting year, new nuclear building plans up to 2030 were estimated (WNA data) at 484 reactors with a total capacity of 544 GW, down 3% from 2011 estimates. As per the WNA’s reference scenario published in 2013, the world’s NPP fleet will be 589 reactors totalling 574 GW in 2030.

Asia is the dominant region in terms of demand for the construction of new NPPs.

ROSATOM holds second place in the world in terms of installed capacity among nuclear utilities, behind French utility EDF (75 GW). The Corporation is actively strengthening its nuclear build positions abroad, being the largest world player in terms of projects in its overseas portfolio (21 power units).

In the period leading up to 2030, ROSATOM’s key rivals in the international markets will remain AREVA and Toshiba/Westinghouse, with growing competition coming from Chinese and South Korean companies.

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