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RAW/SNF management and nuclear decommissioning market

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RAW handling, reprocessing and disposal market

In 2013, the market for the handling, reprocessing, and disposal of RAW amounted to US$ 7.2 billion. In the coming years, the market will gradually grow, owing to a large number of nuclear facilities to be decommissioned, and in 2020, it will reach its maximum (projected at US$ 11.2 billion). In subsequent years, the market will gradually shrink, following decreasing decommissioning, and in 2030, it will be about US$ 9 billion. Key players in RAW handling, reprocessing, and disposal are ROSATOM, AREVA, Energy Solutions, URS, and Washington Group International.

Nuclear decommissioning market

In 2013, the value of the market for the decommissioning of nuclear- and radiation-hazardous facilities was about US$ 6.8 billion. The market will progressively grow, since the coming years will see a major decommissioning of reactors, which will reach its maximum of US$ 8.1 billion in 2019. In subsequent years, nuclear decommissioning is expected to drop to gradually slow the market.

For details, see the Report section “Solutions to accumulated ‘nuclear legacy’.

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