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Process of creating value

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ROSATOM manages the Russian nuclear industry assets at all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle, during the cycle of construction, and during the operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, as well as during other segments involving the use of atomic energy. Being aware of the significance of its activities for the Russian economy and society, ROSATOM has set itself the task of sustainable business development, increasing the aggregate value of the Corporation itself and for a broad range of stakeholders and the country’s population as a whole. The notion of “value” is understood as not only products created, services rendered, and the financial results of the Corporation, but also the economic, social, and ecological influence of the Corporation on its stakeholders and the surrounding world as a whole.

Table. Outcomes of creating the aggregate value of ROSATOM in 2013

CapitalCapital index201220132013/2012, Δ (%)
Financial EBITDA (billion RUB) 140.8 155.2 +10.2 %
  Net asset value (billion RUB) 1,458.2 1,550.1 +6.3 %
  Portfolio of overseas orders (billion US$) 66.5 72.7 +9.3 %
Productive Reactors in operation 33 33 -
  Reactors under construction in Russia 9 9 -
  Reactors under construction abroad 12 11 -8.3 %
Intellectual Value of intangible assets (billion RUB) 44.8 48.3 +7.8 %
Human Average number of staff (thousand people) 256.4 255.3 -0.4 %
  Involvement of personnel (%) 62 67 +5 %
Social and reputational Level of support for nuclear power development in Russia (%) 66.1 70.3 +4.2 %
Natural Uranium feedstock base (Russian assets) (thousand tonnes) 550.5 541.9 -1.6 %
  Uranium feedstock base (assets of Uranium One Inc.) (thousand tonnes) 155.0 229.45 +48.0 %

* Based on polls conducted by the Russian non-governmental research organisation Levada-Center. For details, see Section 3.6. “Management of social and reputational capital”.

ROSATOM’s aggregate value is based on three core business activities.

The first includes the nuclear weapons complex, the nuclear icebreaker fleet, and activities to ensure nuclear and radiation safety. The key activities are the fulfilment of governmental defence orders, support of navigation in the Arctic, and ensuring the NRS (for details, see sections “Nuclear weapons complex”, “Nuclear icebreaker fleet”, and “Integrated solution for accumulated nuclear legacy problems and ensuring nuclear and radiation safety”).

The second core includes the nuclear power complex, whose enterprises operate at all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle and the cycle of NPP construction and operation (for details, see section “Efficient supply of nuclear electricity to Russia’s economy”).

Activities within the third core, “New businesses”, are aimed at the diversification of ROSATOM’s companies, as well as the development of innovative technologies and expansion into new areas of the nuclear industry, such as nuclear medicine, industrial irradiation, etc. (for details, see section “Diversification of business (third core of business development)”).

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