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Business model

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ROSATOM defines a business model as a system that ensures the creation of value in the long-, mid-, and short-term, and is aimed at the achievement of strategic goals.

ROSATOM’s business model is based on the Corporation’s mission and long-term strategy up to 2030. The business model includes:

  • accesssable capital (for details, see Section 3.1. “Capital of the Corporation”);
  • a management system aimed at the most efficient use of capital;
  • activities to create value, which are supported by the operation of the three business cores of the Corporation; and
  • activity results and their contribution to the long-term increase of the capital of the Corporation, which is achieved by meeting the strategic target indicators.

ROSATOM’s business model pays special attention to the environment because: a) part of the assessable capital of the Corporation comes from the environment and a sizeable fraction of the outcomes associated therewith, and b) the environment is a source of key risks and opportunities for the Corporation.

The provided schematic diagram represents an integrated value-creation process. The business model of ROSATOM is the foundation of this process. It defines the totality of different activity areas and outcomes contributing to changes in key capital over the reporting period.

Fig. Business model and value-creation process of ROSATOM

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