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The Corporate Risk Management System (CRMS)

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Corporate Risk Management System development by the Corporation and its organisations started in 2010.

As per the Risk Management Policy, the main areas of CRMS development are:

  • the development of the CRMS organisational structure;
  • integration with business processes;
  • the development of the CRMS methodology; and
  • the development of knowledge and competencies of CRMS participants.

Fig. Organisational model of the Corporate Risk Management System

Fig. Integration of CRMS with planning processes

Goal of integration of CRMS with business processes

  • Regular identification and reassessment of risks when planning
  • Setting up acceptable departures from goals at different planning horizons
  • Timely development of risk management plans with clear divisions of responsibilities
  • Regular monitoring of risk effects (observance of preparedness boundaries) and indicators describing risks to implement compensatory measures

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