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The 2013 results

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In 2013, ROSATOM met the full scope of requirements according to federal laws and legal acts of the President and the Government of Russia regarding the combating of corruption and other legal offences.

In particular, pursuant to instructions laid down in Presidential Decree No. 309 “Regarding the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the Federal Law ‘On Countering Corruption’”, the following was done in 2013:

  • the structural unit—the Asset Protection Department—and officials of ROSATOM were designated as responsible for the prevention of corruption and other legal offences;
  • the Commission for the observance of the requirements for professional conduct and the settlement of conflicts of interests was set up;
  • approval was given to modify a list documenting where citizens were being assigned and what positions employees were filling so that it would also provide information about their incomes, property, and property-related liabilities, as well as information on the incomes, property, and property-related liabilities of their spouses and underage children;
  • a regulation was introduced covering the procedure for the providing of information about the incomes, spending, property, and property-related liabilities of persons on the list of positions within ROSATOM for which such information should be provided; a procedure for checking the credibility and completeness of this information was written and implemented; and
  • the professional training of employees whose job descriptions include participation in anti-corruption activities was organised (93 employees were trained).

On the whole, the economic effect of the prevention and inspection measures aimed at protecting assets in the reporting year was estimated to be RUB 5.1 billion.

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