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Cost structure

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Table. Cost structure, billion RUB

Cost of sales20132012*2013/2012, %20112012/2011, %
Feedstock, materials and fuel 66.3 64.2 103.3 55.4 115.9
Staff costs 70.8 64.9 109.1 56.5 114.9
Costs of purchasing electricity for resale and in-house needs 23.2 21.6 107.4 19.5 110.8
Depreciation 64.8 59.1 109.6 60.8 97.2
Production-related work and services of third parties 24.9 32.5 76.6 22.5 144.4
Expenditures on the property tax and other payments to the budget 11.3 8.7 129.9 7.1 122.5
Other expenditures 31.5 26.7 118.1 26.5 100.7
Changes in the inventories of end products and products in process (15.0) (8.4) 178.6 (21.6) 38.9
Total 277.8 269.3 103.2 226.7 118.8

* The 2012 data were recalculated because the revised IFRS (IAS) 19 “Employee Benefits” relate to the base for defining receipts and expenditures in the preset benefit plans after termination of employment and because there was a need to reflect the terminated activity associated with the loss of control over Uranium One Inc., which resulted from the sale of the interest in Uranium One Holding. According to the IFRS, when a line of business is termed as terminated, the comparative data from the profit or loss statement and other consolidated income are presented as if this line of business had been terminated at the beginning of the respective period of comparison.

The cost trend (growth by 3.2 % or RUB 8.6 billion from 2012) was affected predominantly by the following factors:

  • the growth of expenditures for process personnel (by 9.1 % or RUB 5.9 billion) was mainly caused by the indexing of salaries and wages to the consumer price index in the second half of 2013;
  • the growth of depreciation (by 9.7 % or RUB 5.7 billion), expenditures for property tax, and other payments to the budget (by 29.9 % or RUB 2.6 billion) due to the commissioning of fixed assets, including Unit 4 of the Kalinin NPP;
  • the reduction in volume of the production-related works and services of third parties (by 23.3 % or RUB 7.6 billion) was reached owing to the optimisation of production processes, the implementation of the energy efficiency programme, and the implementation of the Russian Government’s instruction to reduce costs for the procurement of goods (works, services); and
  • the increase in volumes of products in process and the remainder of products (by 78.4 % or RUB 6.6 billion).

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