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Main financial and economic indicators

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Table. Financial stability indicator

Debt-to-equity ratio 0.35 0.35

Table. Liquidity indicators

Quick assets ratio 0.94 1.18
Current liquidity ratio 1.50 1.91

In the reporting year, the quick assets ratio dropped by 20 % from 2012, primarily due to a decrease in the cash balance.

The decrease in the current liquidity ratio by 21 % was due to the excessive growth of the debt on short-term loans and borrowings as of the period in question against a growth in non-fixed assets.

Table. Turnover indicators, days

Daily sales in inventory 206 194
Turnover time of accounts receivable 51 47
Turnover time of accounts payable 63 63

Table. Profitability indices, %

Return on sales (ROS) 6.6 6.7
Return on assets (ROA) 1.3 1.4
Return on equity (ROE) 1.8 2.1

In 2013, there were no substantial changes in the turnover and profitability indicators.

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