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Structure of capital and liabilities

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Fig. Structure of capital and liabilities, billion RUB

The growth of equity capital by RUB 91 billion in 2013 was predominantly due to an increase in the authorised capital because of the placement of additional shares of JSC Atomenergoprom (worth RUB 83 billion).

The decrease in the percentage of minority shareholders amounting to RUB 29 billion was predominantly due to the sale by JSC AtomCapital of the controlling stock of Uranium One Holding, which in turn owns the controlling stock of Uranium One Inc. This transaction resulted in the Group AEPC losing control over Uranium One Inc.; the effective percentage of the authorised capital of Uranium One Inc. decreased to 48.55 %.

The growth in borrowing and credit by RUB 18 billion (net impact) was primarily due to the acquisition of loans from JSC Sberbank of Russia, JSC Bank VTB, and JSC Gazprombank in 2013 and due to a reduction of liabilities as of the end of 2013 in regard to Uranium One Inc. because of the company’s withdrawal from the Group.

The growth of accounts payable by RUB 17 billion was due to the increase in debt on the commission contracts payable.

The decrease in reserves by RUB 25 billion was mainly at the expense of the decrease in the reserves related to the decommissioning of fixed assets (by RUB 8 billion) and reserves related to spent nuclear fuel management (by RUB 10 billion).

There were no material changes in other liability items in 2013 compared to 2012.

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