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Programme of innovative development and technological modernisation

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ROSATOM implements the Programme of Innovative Development and Technological Modernisation (hereinafter referred to as the Programme) for the period up to 2020. The Programme is aimed at solving the strategic goal of ensuring the innovative development of the nuclear industry based on increasing the science and technology potential and broadening applications of nuclear technologies in different industries in Russia and abroad.

ROSATOM’s program of innovative development won first place in the Expert-RA rating of innovative programs.

The priority areas for innovative development are:

  • improvement of competitiveness of products and services in the nuclear power markets through the modernisation of existing technologies;
  • development of new breakthrough technologies and products, both in large power generation, traditional for the nuclear industry, and in the growing segments of small power, electricity transmission and storage;
  • gradual technological and product diversification through the transfer of the sector’s developments to markets that are new to the Corporation, e.g. nuclear medicine, inspection systems, new materials, etc.
A share of the products developed over recent years in the total order portfolio of the Corporation for the 5-year period was 13.04 % (KPI for 2013); that is 119.8 % of the target value.

Main tasks of the Programme for 2013:

  • the large-scale implementation of the innovative development strategy;
  • the implementation of an effective management system for innovative activities and the business model;
  • improvement of operating efficiency of innovations.

Table. Results of implementation of the Programme of Innovative Development and Technological Modernisation

KPI of the Programme201120122013
R&D financing ( % of proceeds) 4.0 4.78 4.53
Number of patents in foreign states (European Union countries, U.S., Japan, etc.) granted for results in research and development, know-how and results of intellectual activities (progressive total) (number/year) 12 26 40
Number of registered know-how for results of intellectual activities in science and technology (number/year) 65 71 81
Proceeds per person (as calculated per employees of research institutes) (RUB thousands/year) 921 1,222 1,244
Percentage share of financing of R&D orders placed with universities of the total R&D financing 4.5 3.52 4.1
Percentage of R&D carried out by entities outside the nuclear sector 13.8 15.7 17.2

Plans for 2014

In 2014, it is planned to update the Programme, taking into account its implementation in 2011–2013 and changes in external conditions. The updating will not affect the achievement of planned results and key performance indicators.

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