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Development of supercomputer technologies

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In 2013, work was done to improve functional capabilities of domestic software packages LOGOS (LOGOS-CFD, LOGOS-Strength), DANKO+Gepard, NIMFA developed under the project “Development of Supercomputers and Grid Technologies” (2010–2012) and intended for supercomputer modelling of a broad range of physical processes (gas, aero, hydro dynamics, acoustics, heat and mass transfer, turbulent mixing, strength, deformation and destruction, multi-phase multi-component filtration, etc.). This is a unique development which has no parallels in Russia and which consolidates the vast knowledge and advanced experience of leading scientific schools of the country. The software packages helped develop more than 200 state-of-the-art physical and mathematical models, numerical methods and algorithms.

In the framework of the activities to develop high-capacity computing systems in 2013:

  • supercomputers were designed and released under third party orders: FSUE SRC IPPE (22 Tflops), N. L. Dukhov VNIIA (100 Tflops), and FSOE SRC RSI (15 Tflops);
  • a new series specimen of the universal small-size supercomputer APK-1M2, based on cutting-edge engineering solutions, was developed and successfully passed tests. Small series production has been launched;
  • about 100 small-size supercomputers designed by ITCP of NFRC-VNIIEF, including 31 machines of 128 Tflops capacity, were supplied to the sectoral enterprises.

Forty-nine enterprises were connected to supercomputer resources of the NFRC-VNIIEF ITCP’s Shared Use Centre to compute in the remote mode, including via secured lines. Some of the organisations perform calculations on a commercial basis; these include TESIS LLC, N. A. Dollezhal NIKIET, the Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, OKBM Afrikantov (over 2013, the value of rendered services was RUB 6 million).

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