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Human resource management efficiency

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To meet KPIs of human resource management in 2013:

  • the percentage of appointments from the succession pool grew from 20.2 % to 28.8 %;
  • the organisation structure standard was implemented in the sectoral organisations;
  • organisational structures were flattened: their management tiers were decreased to 7-4 tiers depending on the business area and headcount of the organisation;
  • managerial labour efficiency was increased (the span of control increased from 5.4 subordinates per manager to 7.75);
  • functional verticals were built up and inter-tier interaction efficiency was improved in the sector;
  • nine entities totalling 23,000 staff members were turned to use the target IT system (SAP HR);
  • ROSATOM won 6th place in the rating of the best employers among students and graduates of nuclear-related universities (Universum);
  • over 2013 individual KPIs were set for 19,000 managers;
  • 3,000 sectoral workers trained in programmes for the advancement of their managerial competences (2,000 people in 2012);
  • operational expenditures for human resource management was reduced by RUB 200 million in 2013 through automation, standardisation and centralisation of human resource management processes and shifting the transaction processes to CSC.

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