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Management of information technologies and information security

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Since 2009, ROSATOM has implemented a programme to transform the corporate IT platform (IT Transformation Programme). The IT Transformation Programme includes over 150 projects and is designed to run to 2016.

Results of 2013

The IT Transformation Programme implementation facilitates improving ROSATOM’s economic efficiency. So the design and implementation of the uniform automated procurement management system based on SAP SRM led to, among other things, an economy of more than RUB 30 billion a year over 2013. The volume of electronic procurements made using this system grew up to 99 % in 2013 from 5 % in 2008.

The development and implementation of ROSATOM’s settlement centre brought about an economic effect on intra-group financing operations of more than RUB 3 billion owing to information transparency and the promptness of managerial decision-making in 2013.

The active use of the uniform sectoral electronic document flow system (USEDF) reduced the average time of reaching agreements on protocols and orders by six times and prevented the missing of documents.

In 2013, unified resource management systems for enterprises were put into commercial operation as follows:

  • a SAP ERP-based system was deployed at five large enterprises of the Fuel Division; it embraces a total of 13 enterprises;
  • a 1С ERP-based system was deployed at 20 enterprises within the sector; it embraces a total of 60 enterprises.

In 2013 ROSATOM continued duplicating the Documentum-based USEDF, which allows for computerising management of organisational and administrative documentation and contracting. By the end of the reporting year, the system was deployed at 47 enterprises, with users totalling about 6,640 people; the system operates at a total of 105 enterprises with a total number of users of about 33,550 people.

Plans for 2014 and on the mid-term horizon:

Activities planned for 2014 and on the mid-term horizon include the duplication and development of the following key unified, sector-wide systems:

  • a unified sectoral document flow system;
  • enterprise management systems based on SAP ERP 1C;
  • a human resource management system based on SAP HCM and ETWEB;
  • a vendor relations management system based on SAP SRM;
  • an information system for order portfolio management;
  • a computer-based system for energy efficiency management;
  • corporate systems for knowledge management and asset protection systems;
  • supporting infrastructural projects will be developed along with the sectoral systems.

It is planned to pay special attention to the implementation and duplication of the industrial automation systems - operative production management and management of product lifecycle elements – at enterprises of the Fuel, Machine Engineering and Mining Divisions.

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