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The Environmental Protection Year

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By Presidential Decree, 2013 was declared the Environmental Protection Year. The Corporation adopted a plan of events to celebrate the Environmental Protection Year, which included 1,135 events in various formats. The goal of the work was to consolidate environmental protection efforts, including the reduction of negative impacts on the environment, improvement of the environmental culture both of the nuclear facility personnel and of the general population, ensuring the openness of and publicity for the Corporation organisations’ activities and building up objective attitudes of the public towards nuclear power development.

One of the key events was the contest “The Environment Model Organisation of the Nuclear Industry”. It aim was to improve the efficiency of the Environmental Policy of ROSATOM as a whole and environmental policies of EOOs and to identify the most responsible organisation in the sphere of environmental protection and safety. Fifty-one organisations took part in the contest. The winners were branches of JSC Rosenergoatom Concern – Kursk NPP and Balakovo NPP, and JSC Siberian Chemical Combine.

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