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A&S affiliates and subsidiaries
ABA administrative and business activities
AEECS automated energy efficiency control system
ARMIR automated workplace for assessment of individual risk
ARMS automated radiation monitoring system
ASTS automated system of transportation safety
BE NFC back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle
CATF closed administrative and territorial formation
CCBF chief controller of budget funds
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CNFC closed nuclear fuel cycle
CRMS corporate risk management system
CSC common servicing centre
CSF SNF centralised storage facility for spent nuclear fuel
EBIDTA Earnings Before Interest Depreciation Tax and Amortisation
ELLE essential long-lead equipment
EPES Emergency Prevention and Elimination System
ERT emergency rescue team
ESS examination and search system
ETP electronic trading platform
EUP enriched uranium product
EurAsEC Eurasian Economic Community
FA fuel assembly
FAC financial accountability centre
FAIR Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe
FE NFC front end of the nuclear fuel cycle
FER fuel and energy resources
FEU financial and economic unit
FMBA Federal Medical and Biological Agency
FSUE Federal State Unitary Enterprise
FTP federal target programme
FTS Federal Tariff Service
GC gas centrifuge
GDP gross domestic product
HCS harmful chemical substances
HEU highly enriched uranium
HLW high-level waste
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
ICUF installed capacity utilisation factor
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IGA intergovernmental agreement
ILW intermediate-level waste
INES International Nuclear Event Scale (INES)
INPRO International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles
IRAW individual risk assessment workstation
IRC international research centre
IRG inert radioactive gas
ISL in-situ leaching (recovery)
ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
IUEC International Uranium Enrichment Centre
JSC joint-stock company
JV joint venture
KPI key performance indicator
LC lifecycle
LEU low-enriched uranium
LLW low-level waste
LMC Lifecycle Management System
LRW liquid radioactive waste
LTAP Long-term Activity Programme of ROSATOM
MFA Ministry for Foreign Affairs
MNUP mixed nitride uranium-plutonium (fuel)
MSSC multifunction shared servicing centre
NEPES National Emergency Prevention and Elimination System
NFC nuclear fuel cycle
NIPC nuclear icebreaker process complex
NPP nuclear power plant
NRF nuclear research facility
NRHF nuclear and radiation hazardous facility
NRS nuclear and radiation safety
NSSS nuclear steam supply system
NWC nuclear weapons complex
OECD/NEA Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
PDC pilot demonstration centre
PI private institution
PLM Product Lifecycle Management
R&D research and development
RAS Russian Accounting Standards
RAW radioactive waste
RBMK high-power channel-type reactor
RCLTSF reactor compartment long-term storage facility
RF Russian Federation
RIA results of intellectual activities
RLP restoration of lifetime performance
RM radioactive material
RMS radiation monitoring system
ROSATOM, Corporation State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”
Rosteсhnadzor Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service
RPS ROSATOM Production System
RSTA results of scientific and technical activities
RTG radioisotope thermoelectric generator
RUIE Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
RUNPIW Russian Union of Nuclear Power and Industry Workers
RWDF Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility
SARMS Sectoral Automated Radiation Monitoring System
SF storage facility
SMB small and medium business
SNF spent nuclear fuel
SRS sealed radiation source
STC science and technology complex
SWU separative work unit
TCO total cost of ownership
tHM tonnes of heavy metal
UF6 uranium hexafluoride
UNO United Nations Organisation
UNS RAW Unified National System for Radioactive Waste Management
UNS SNF Unified National System for Spent Nuclear Fuel Management
USDMS unified sectoral document management system
USRS uniform standardised remuneration system
VVER water-cooled water-moderated power reactor
WANO World Association of Nuclear Operators

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